Quickbooks Desktop to Quickbooks Online Conversion in 5 simple steps.

Moving on to quickbooks online from quickbooks desktop is a pretty simple & stright forward process however i get queries on almost daily basis regarding the same therefore i am writing this blog post so that its available to everyone if they face any problems converting.

In this post i will be using a quickbooks desktop enterprise 19.0 file to move to quickbooks online.

If you haven't created a quickbooks online account then create one first by clicking here as it makes the process simple.

Step 1 : Prepare your quickbooks desktop file for online conversion.

Open your quickbooks desktop file & run a verify just to make sure the file is clean. If the file detects any problem run a rebuild & if rebuild doesn't help then contact support.

Step 2: Start the process.

Press F2 while you are on Quickbooks to get to the product information page,

Once you have the product information page, press CLRT+ B & CLRT + Q & then click ok on the product information page, Once that done it will take you to a new popup asking you to enter your Quickbooks online credentials. If you haven't created one yet then click on this link and create your quickbooks online account to make the process simple.

Step 3: Enter your Quickbooks online credentials.

Once the credentials are entered it will take a few moments to upload your file to the cloud, (few moments may vary from file to file depending on the size.) Once uploaded Intuit will analyze the file on their end & will notify you via email once its ready to be accessed.

( normally it takes 10 minutes to even 1hr depending on the file size & server speed)

Step 4: Login to Quickbooks Online

Once you get the confirmation email from Intuit stating "your data is now available on Quickbooks online" login to your Quickbooks online account & you will be able to see your Quickbooks data.

Step 5: Matching the financial reports.

matching a financial reports is a great way to check if you data has been converted properly or not. To do that simple open reports like P&L, Balance sheet on quickbooks desktop as well as Quickbooks Online and match them.

If you sill have any problem converting then email us at recovery.qb@gmail.com for support.

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