How & when to run verify/rebuild on your Quickbooks data file.

Updated: Dec 12, 2020

People who tend to know this feature always uses it & surprisingly many of us don't really know anything about this feature. Lets be clear that this feature of Quickbooks only verify & rebuilds the Quickbooks data file & not the software itself. The reason i need to explain this is because i have seen people trying to run rebuild again & again trying to fix the problem which is related to the software & has nothing to do with the actual data file.

Lets put it in this way, Working on Quickbooks means you are working on two different Items, The Quickbooks software & the data file you have created for your business lets say

To troubleshoot Quickbooks issue, One first needs identify the problem if it's due to the software or the data file. now there are a few ways to identify that which i will share later but here is some the scenarios when you need to run verify on your Quickbooks Company file.

What if verify fails?

Nothing to worry, In 90% of the cases the rebuild feature of Quickbooks works pretty well & fixes the file without any major issue however make sure to run a rebuild on a local machine & not through network & also keep an eye on the backup location before the rebuild process.

If for some reason the rebuild fails then you need to send the file for recovery where we recover your files via special tools & expertise.

However one can only use these feature if the file is accessible, There can be a scenario where the file is not accessible at all, Probably we will discuss that in our next blog post.

Stay turned ;-)