1 : How dose it work?

Once the purchase is made an email would be sent to you along with a secure link to upload your file, once the file is uploaded successfully  you will be notified about the same. Once the work is complete the file would be shared back with you.

2 : what is the time frame?

48 hrs is the committed time frame however some files are too large, corupt or complicated & may take a little longer however you would be notified about the same via phone or email.

3 : What if file upload fails?

If for some reason you are not able to upload you file using secure link provided in the email then you can also share the files vis google drive (qb.technician@gmail.com), dropbox or onedrive

4 : What if you are not able to repair or fail to do the job?

If for some reason your files are not recovered or if we fail to do the job in that scenario the money would be refunded back to you.  

5 : How can we reach you?

For technical issues we encourage you to raise a ticked so that an expert can get back to you regarding your specific issue & it its not technical you can reach us at 914-401-6622 or support@quickbooksrepair.net  

6 : What is the email response time?

2-4 Hrs during office hrs & 6-8 hrs during non-official hrs. however on an average we have always responded withe 3-4 hrs. 

+1 914-401-6622

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